Romanian Rose Society


The Romanian Rose Society (Asociatia Amicii Rozelor din Romania) was established in December 1990 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Starting with 30 members, today the membership is around 800 members. The society has 14 regional branches, mainly in the west of the country but also in the capital city. The HQ is in Cluj-Napoca. The activities in these branches include pruning demonstrations, rose exhibitions, slide and video presentations of roses, visits to rose gardens. The association is an affiliated member of the World Federation of Rose Societies since 1991, members of the society attending the WFRS conventions and regional conferences.

The society’s bulletin, ROSARIUM, is published twice a year. Each issue consists of 24-28 polychrome pages and 4 colour cover pages. It also has a short English summary since the publication is sent to other 23 national rose societies with whom we try to exchange publications.

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Our postal address is: Asociatia Amicii Rozelor din Romania

                                    OP. 1 -  CP. 86

                                    RO- 400750 Cluj-Napoca


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